How to help neighbors during an epidemic


Each user can ask for help from one person within a radius of 80 km

Facebook launches a new feature: helping neighbors during an epidemic. Photo:

A new feature called “Community Assistance” will appear on Facebook’s social network, which will allow users to provide or request assistance from their neighbors during the coronovirus epidemic. Also, the equipment will help to ask someone nearby or to donate funds to complete the assignment.

Users can view advertisements within a radius of 80 km from their location. The social network said that they saw many similar requests from users and decided to make their search for help easier by running a special function.

By its functionality, the device is similar to social networks for local communities and areas of Nextor. There, users share local news about coronoviruses, collect medicines for others and sell essential goods.

“You need more in the Facebook community because there are so many people on Facebook right now. Our goal is to maximize the number of people who need their help, ”said Fiji Simo, head of the Facebook application.

Paypal magazine help

Recall, Facebook decided to send an additional $ 100 million to the news industry to help the media overcome the crisis created by the spread of the new coronovirus infection.

The $ 25 million will be provided as a grant to finance small, regional publications under a project called the Facebook Journalism Project.

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