How to make a website and accept online payment for all the money in the world quickly and not?


We provide step-by-step instructions for transferring offline businesses online

Now the need for online payment has increased more than ever. Traditional offline segments suddenly find their place on the net. Which payment solutions help with digital transformation, how to choose a designer to build a site and get the most out of new challenges, said the project manager of the Transaction Business Department of TASKOMBANK Spiridoncheva Vera.

This is not the time to give up – you need to act, and act quickly. We provide step-by-step instructions for transferring offline businesses online.

Online access to goods and services saves time and effort

Online payments are more convenient than cash payments. This applies to all, not only young people, but also people in adulthood, who have not used online services before and have skeptically looked at internet payments.

In general, life forces everyone to think about digital changes. This crisis brings our future closer. Earlier, we had forecasts for the growth of the e-commerce sector in 5 or 10 years. And now, these forecasts are already being implemented. Business is changing and looking for new ideas, and we share our own experiences. If you have a small business, but have not yet launched the site, then the information below is for you.

Use the designer to create a site

Common benefits of site designers are worth noting:

  • Exceptional ease of use;
  • Site build speed;
  • Variety of free options.

Online processing works in a web browser. This allows you to work on site from any computer, as well as from multiple devices.

Among the most popular site builders with free versions are: Wix, WordPress, YouCraft, SIT 123, WebLium and another Ukrainian designer – Shop-Express, an example of which we will examine in more detail.

Step One – Creating an Online Store

Creating an online store is quite simple. To create a Shop-Express online store, go to the platform’s website, enter your email address and answer some simple questions. In a minute you have an online store that needs to be filled with texts and stuff. More on this later.

Step Two – Domain Name Registration

You can register a domain name on any domain name registrar’s website. For projects with a target audience in Ukraine, you can choose a domain name in the COM.UA region or if you have a registered trademark – UA. For international projects, it is better to choose the names of COM, EU and so on.

Step Three – Customize Your Website Design

Usually an online store does not require complex design. Everything should be simple and clear to the user. To get your own corporate identity for your online store, simply add your logo and corporate color. Everything else is automatically configured for ease of use. If you want to get a personalized design, you can contact the experts Shop express To customize your design.

Step Four – Add Items

There are many ways to add products to an online store website. Option one. Add each product using the online store management system. This method allows you to organize items properly, but it takes a lot of time. Give option Download the product from an Excel file. It is quick, but does not allow you to design product details. Third option. Download products that use APIs – a special system that allows you to exchange data about products and orders between your store and other systems, such as CRM, or accounting systems. You can add these options, for example, upload the product using an Excel file, and then edit the details using a content management system.

Step Five – Connect Online Payment

To accept payment, you must select and connect to one of the payment systems from the integration list. The best option for organizing online payments on the site is Tacpay. Everything here is very simple as well. Register on the platform and expect a call from the bank’s manager.

Concluding an agreement with Tacpay To get the service of the internet and get the key of the seller. This key must be specified when making a payment option in the online store management system Shop express.

Six Step – Distribution Organization

Indicate the types of deliveries available to your customers, plus, if you provide such an opportunity, the address where you can take the order yourself.

Step Seven – Marketing and Advertising

If you have successfully completed all the previous steps, you may be congratulated: you are ready for online sales and customer service. Now you can do marketing.

we can conclude

“There is no silver lining,” is the famous saying. So for another three years they are going to be online, but here you want it, you don’t want it, but to save the business you have to do it. However, the main thing is different: the crisis will definitely pass (you can’t doubt it!), And online sales will be profitable for many years. Crisis – Time to reach a new level. This is your chance, and now is the right time to take advantage of it. Health and prosperity of business for you.


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