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Instagram plans to share 55% of revenue with video creators

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For the first time in its history, Instagram will begin sharing revenue with video creators on IGTV. The social network therefore decided to help its popular users earn more revenue during the COVID-19 crisis and thus move into more serious competition with YouTube.

Next week, only 200 approved English-language producer partners, including several leading advertising partners such as Ikia, Puma and Sephora, Adam Wahid and Lele Ponce, will begin appearing on IGTV.

The company plans to share 55% of the revenue with the creators of the video – YouTube gives an equal share to its stars. Advertising will generate revenue.

Initially, an ad will only appear when people click to view IGTV videos from the preview in their feed, and the initial ad cycle will include vertical videos lasting up to 15 seconds. The team will test various events throughout the year in IGTV advertising, for example, the ability to skip advertising.

The company will also start selling digital badges on air. The names of users who have paid the badge in support of Blogger will stand out among the comments from other viewers.

Food bloggers give cooking lessons for healthy dinners at home, artists teach how to attract customers, musicians give concerts from their living rooms. Now their viewers can support these efforts in three different price categories badges: 99 cents, $ 1.99 and $ 4.99. Badges are valid during video broadcast.

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Recall, Facebook decided to form a council that would deal with controversies of moderation of content on social networks and Instagram. The Council will consider whether this or the content complies with the policies and values ​​of Facebook and Instagram and whether it violates freedom of expression within the framework of international human rights standards. The decisions of the committee will be binding on the arbitrators.

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