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The most important thing for any business is the client. To create the right dialogue with customers, streamline the work process and speed up decision making, CRM systems are now being used more and more often. CRM is a business management program that allows a single service to be used instead of a stack of multiple Excel tables, instant messengers, documents, and calls. It reduces errors, accelerates decision making and ultimately helps reduce costs and increase profits.

How does a CRM system work?

CRM can be compared with a better Excel spreadsheet with a customer base, in which, when you click on a name, a card opens with all the customer’s data and information about their purchase. Here you can listen to calls, view purchase history, create documents by template, write e-mail or SMS, set a task. The CRM system automates many processes – all so that the customer is satisfied with the purchase, service, and returns to the merchant the next time.

By using a CRM system, a business receives the following benefits:

  • A single database of customers and partners with all data
  • Task and project management
  • Sales team transparency
  • Statistics on order movements
  • Ability to estimate revenue
  • Automated workflow and financial management in one place
  • Automation of business processes.

How to choose a CRM system?

Consider the set of functions present in CRM:

  • Customer Accounting (with history of all orders)
  • Sales Management (with a clear sales funnel)
  • Automation of business processes (quick work setting, reminder of important dates, mailing automation, etc.)
  • Analysis and reports (in the form of graphs, charts, tables)
  • Task management (control over finished tasks, quick access to people responsible for all tasks)
  • Integration with email, company website, IP-telephony
  • API programming interface that allows you to configure integration with 1C, enterprise software, mobile and other applications.

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Top 5 CRM Systems


The system helps small and medium-sized businesses manage sales, control all channels of communication with customers and automate sales. The structure of the system resembles that of a corporate social network, where all events, from correspondence with the client to management tasks, are recorded. All positions are negotiated. All this optimizes team work. Cloud version and boxed solution available.

Features that Bitrix24 offers: Managing leads and deals, billing, leads and deals, managing projects and tasks, automating business processes, integrated IP telephony and mail integration, sales plans and reports, setting up deals, 1C Exchange data with and


CRM stores all information on customers, collects applications from various communication channels, automatically assigns tasks to managers. Based on the amount and status of the transaction, a sales funnel is formed – a tool that will automatically show ads to your customers at the right time, automatically moving the transaction to a new stage, a message Will send

The program provides additional functionality – a general chat of employees, integration of a support service into social networks or even a business card scanner. The manager can view the transaction information of each employee separately and a general sales analysis. Thanks to a modern interface this program is quite convenient and understandable even for the beginner.

What does the CRM interface look like (using Bitrix24 as an example)

Sales force

One of the leaders among CRM systems. The main advantage is keeping in mind the specifics of the customer based on the industry in which he works. Salesforce provides a convenient set of analytical tools. This allows you to track potential customers’ traffic and analyze sales effectiveness.

The head of the enterprise gains complete control over all processes – from obtaining sales figures. The system also evaluates the marketing strategy of the business and can offer some suggestions to improve it.


The system is deployed as a tool to improve business performance. Focuses on business owners and management.

The program processes information about customer interactions and generates statistical sales reports. Zoho takes into account buyers’ activity and tracks the sources of traffic on the site. Based on the data collected, an action plan is made for the entire team. Since all the necessary information about business activity is collected in one place, the business saves time and increases its return on investment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM-systems allow you to build business processes according to the scenarios proposed by the company’s developed model (sales, marketing, service) or the business logic of the system.

Starting with the collection and systematization of customer information, the system instructs employees to follow certain rules, while providing all the necessary information and equipment for the operation of the business. The system provides complete integration with Microsoft platforms and applications.

Regardless of your company’s direction, its size, and work experience, a CRM system can be a tool to increase efficiency. CRM-system will help to build all the processes in the company and make faster decisions at each stage.

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