How to order medicines online: best services


Drug delivery is done by both online pharmacies and specialized companies

How to order medicines online: best services to deliver medicines

Drug delivery is generally limited or completely prohibited. For Ukrainians, this is an entirely new option that has become available due to the coronavirus epidemic and the urgent need for maximum self-isolation.

In addition, with products, drugs can be ordered in three ways: directly from online pharmacies, through specialized delivery services, or by involving couriers. It should be kept in mind that the permission to give drugs does not apply to psychotropic, narcotic and potent substances that require prescription from a doctor.

Tracking couriers is also important – drug delivery staff are at a much higher risk of infection, as they are exposed to potentially large numbers of patients. Therefore, if the courier does not operate according to the contactless delivery plan, does not use personal protective equipment, or has SARS symptoms, it is better to refuse delivery.

How to order medicines online: best services to deliver medicines. Photo: Pharma


Liki / 2010 online service is one of the most popular in Ukraine. The company works with several thousand pharmacies across the country, and also provides information on 55 thousand pharmacy products (reflecting availability and prices). Among other things, Liki24 was included in the list of European startups that help in the fight against coronaviruses.

Selected drugs are distributed by couriers of the company and with the participation of postal services. Immediate delivery is likely, which will cost 99 UAH. Medicines are delivered to hospitals for free. The service calls its mission the ability to find goods 20-40% cheaper than the normal price in any other pharmacy.

Unfortunately, during quarantine, the service is slightly more full, as the company’s website warns. Because of this, some orders may be processed and delivered more than usual.

Online pharmacies

In narrow localization, the specialty of online pharmacies is usually better to choose as close as possible. The most popular are Farmax, PharmaHouse and 911 Pharmacy.

At Farmax, for all orders above UAH 200, delivery is free, and the pharmacy works directly with manufacturers of 911 medical products and can be transported directly to fairies. Also at, Ukrainians will be able to select delivery to the new mail office, courier contactless delivery and delivery to the post office.

Pharmahouse also works across the country, working with New Mail to deliver. The service costs 50 UAH.

How to order medicines online: best services to deliver medicines. Photo: Pharma

Cabanic, Glavo, Green Post and iPost

Courier services also provide the ability to deliver drugs. At Kabachik, a courier can be selected by rating or even a person offering volunteer assistance with drug delivery. If you find someone in your area, delivery will be quick.

Glowo and Green Post couriers fulfill orders for the purchase of drugs and, if necessary, can go to pharmacies in search of the right one, as well as purchase some medicines on behalf of the customer.

IPOST features turbo delivery – in 30–120 minutes. In addition, the service operates around the clock and provides the ability to control the order by tracking the geolocation data of the courier.

When ordering drugs online, you should not forget about the adequate behavior of purchase – many drug shortages were created by excessive consumer activity against the backdrop of panic caused by the coronovirus epidemic. Medicines must be prescribed exclusively by a specialist, and preventive purchase without a specific purpose only exacerbates the situation with the availability of medicines for those who really need them.

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