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the version Payspace magazine Continues to share useful financial advice. Earlier we talked about how to pay utility bills in Privat24 and Oschad 24/7. Today we share instructions on how to pay for a communal apartment in the Monobank mobile application.

To pay utility bills at Monobank, you need:

1. Login to Monobank App
2. Choose a tab Other payment On the application’s main page
3. Choose Payment Communal and Internet
4. Choose the address where you want to pay utility bills

note. By default, your registration address is displayed. To add another address, click Add address (After entering all the required data, the address will automatically be displayed in the address list). That Remove address from list, Select the desired line and swipe left (place your finger on the selected address and go left) – the address will be automatically removed.

5. Choose the period for which you want to pay for the services (the application allows you to pay utility bills for several months at a time)
6. Select one or more services to pay by clicking the circle icon in the left corner of each of the required services.

note. If the required service or company is not on the list, scroll down and select Add company: You can select a company from the list or search it by bank account or name. After choosing a service or services, you can adjust the amount of payment.

7. Click Have to pay. Later, the payment will appear in the list of transactions on the main page of the application

note. in Section Communal and Internet You can also check your payment history. To do this, you can click on the information icon on the right side of each service or click on the respective symbol in the upper right corner to view the entire payment collection.

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