How to renew “personal” quarantine or suspicious advice



How to renew “personal” quarantine or suspicious advice

How to renew “personal” quarantine or suspicious advice


10.06.2020 17:57


Someone wave their hand against anti-epidemic measures. Let them get together with businesses, go to restaurants and do some shopping … But can you do without!

The number of detected cases of coronavirus worldwide has crossed the 7 million mark, and in Ukraine it is approaching 30,000. In addition, the daily incidence does not decrease, but on the contrary has exceeded 500. And at the same time, we are almost every week “satisfied” with a weakening of the quarantine … We understand that for many it is really a joy without any quotation. It is the right of these people. We understand that a company, particularly linked to service, is going through an unprecedented crisis. But let’s not have common places. Everyone has the right to security, as he understands.

During these months, the majority of Ukrainians have gone through the stages of reconciliation with the inevitable: from denial, from anger – to accepting a situation that you cannot change. And especially after the virologists started to think that Covid-19 will stay with us forever like seasonal flu. But after the weakening of the quarantine, the society divided – some waved their hands and returned to their usual life, as if there was no epidemic, others, “suspicious”, continued to observe the rules carefully, fearing to endanger themselves or their loved ones again. And these people can and should be understood. In addition, we belong to them a little.

Ukrinform spoke to an infectious safety specialist. We add that feeling anxious now is completely normal. And adhering to certain rules is not at all embarrassing and very real.

You know and follow the five infectious safety rules – you won’t get sick

After three months of discovery of the coronavirus in Ukraine, it is unfortunately not necessary to speak of the extinction of the epidemic. As of June 10, 525 cases have been identified – one of the highest rates. And quarantine, meanwhile, everything softens and softens … Well, our people are tired of sitting at home, wearing masks and fear of thoughts – of what to live on. Therefore, looking around, we understand that many saw the reduction of quarantine measures as their complete abolition. Epidemiologist, president of public organization “Infection control in Ukraine” Andriy Oleksandryn says people tend to get used to everything, including a pandemic, so they neglect the four basic rules of infection control . If you observe them – the probability of getting the virus is extremely low.

How to renew “personal” quarantine or suspicious advice

Andrey Alexandrin / Photo: Canal 5

The first. Social or physical distance, especially in crowded places. “Walking on weekends in the city center, I saw that many restaurants were open. Visitors are allowed inside, where there are already so many people gathered. But we must not allow people to be in a closed space without distance. I would focus on maintaining a distance of two meters and not one and a half. CDC recommends a distance of 6 feet, or 183 cm, which is particularly important in ‘interior’, said Alexandrin.

The second rule is to wear masks to people with signs of the disease. “It is important here that people honestly put on masks as soon as they notice fever, cough, and not the way we see it now when we wear masks on the neck, on the chin. It should There is a rule: in public places, people with symptoms of the disease do not can appear without a mask. This discipline other people who, when they see a masked person, will not approach him. Hand hygiene deserves to be added here. I emphasize that you should not abuse antiseptics to avoid damaging the skin and wash your hands with soap more often. There are four indications when you need to wash hands with soap: after we get off the street to go to the room, after the toilet, before eating and when it gets dirty. Only when there is no way to get wash your hands we have to use an antiseptic, “says the specialist infectious disease specialist.

Third – ventilate the premises. “With the arrival of heat, we turn on the air conditioner. But during its operation, the window must be open for ventilation, because the air conditioner works on the principle of a recirculator. In addition, it absorbs moisture from the room and the air becomes dry, which contributes to the spread of infection. Therefore, it is imperative you should monitor the humidity of the air. The optimal humidity is 60%, which is especially important if there are children in the house. Therefore, humidifiers are an absolutely necessary thing, “says Andrei Alexandrin. He also notes: the state must finally solve the problem of ventilation in public transport, because the coronavirus has come forever, and in the fall it will also join the flu and other viruses.

The fourth rule is to minimize contact with sick people. “Companies often create open spaces, and at the same time it’s become the norm when a sick person comes to work, they say, I’m going to finish this document now and that’s it. And as a result, I’m going to spread the word In my opinion, our society should of course selectively, of course, but cease to be tolerant of colleagues, friends, relatives. If a person becomes ill, he must observe self-isolation until it is completely restored. But these rules cannot be imposed on collectives, families, they must be created inside. If, for example, one of the family members falls ill, then he too must be isolated – at least do not go to the room where the whole family is going, ”explains Andrei Alexandrin.

How to renew “personal” quarantine or suspicious advice

The more time in nature – the better … But …

Fifth. Kiss less! In the literal sense of the term. The specialist says he is not opposed to people gathering in the wild “for the barbecue”. The more time we spend in the fresh air, the better it is for our health. But you don’t have to swap dishes, kiss or kiss. Even outdoors, remember the safety rules.

Can I get infected in restaurants, churches or through clothing?

With the weakening of quarantine, public institutions have hastened to restore their work – some of them faithfully respect epidemic security rules, others ignore them or consider that they are respected. Therefore, many suspicious people so far refuse to go to restaurants, for example, or to go shopping, if it is not urgent. We also asked Mr. Alexandrin if these and other precautions were not necessary.

On the work of restaurants. “As an infection control specialist, I don’t mind restaurants working. But they have to meet all standards. For example, the Kompot restaurant operates in the post office in Kiev. I walked in and I saw that the tables were very close to each other. to a friend, the people – it’s full. The rules should be followed by everyone equally, but in reality, we see that they fill their institutions at their discretion “, explains the epidemiologist. However, he adds that the government has sometimes imposed ineffective measures to prevent infection, for example by wearing rubber gloves: “food service workers were required to wear gloves, but they carry visitors’ money , touch other surfaces, etc. That is, it’s a greater risk than washing your hands regularly or treating them with an antiseptic. You don’t need to specifically disinfect dishes in a restaurant, just heating them with boiling water will kill the virus. “

About gadgets. “We have to regularly monitor the cleanliness of our gadgets, because viruses and bacteria can accumulate there. Personally, I always treated the phone with an antiseptic before the appearance of Covid-19. I do not need to use a smartphone, put it in a transparent bag, because it interferes with normal ventilation, and nothing will happen to the antiseptic device – I have already tested it myself for many years “, explains the specialist .

About washing clothes and washing shoes. “In the street asphalt, the coronavirus is waiting for no one – it is likely to die. Therefore, our organization is opposed to wearing shoe covers at the entrance to hospitals – they do not perform any function, because it You can’t bring the pathogen to the hospital from the street on the soles of your feet. You don’t have to go crazy and wash your clothes or clothes every time. You just have to change into slippers , wash your hands with soap and water, remove all clothing and take a shower. Pathogens, although they may persist on the surface of clothing, are not an epidemiological hazard. better invest to learn to touch your face less with your hands. “

On security in the mall. “Store workers who see people with signs of illness – with a cough, a runny nose, etc. – just ask them not to go to the store, but to contact their family doctor.”

How to renew “personal” quarantine or suspicious advice

God protects him who protects himself

About the danger in churches. “For me, as an epidemiologist, rituals during the service, like taking a spoon and kissing icons, are generally something from the Middle Ages. And it is especially dangerous when churches are opened in hospitals. Even worse, if it is done in the territory of a tuberculosis dispensary or an infectious disease hospital, where not only the patients, but also the residents of the region go. It is an irresponsibility to fight against. But the state should not be banned, but communicate with the clergy, spiritual mentors, explain all the risks. State standards and laws apply to everyone, so why do stores observe them and some churches do not? “- says Andrei Alexandrin.

So. Five tips for suspects:

  • I’m not canceling mask mode for myself. First, in public places and in transport.
  • If possible, I will not use public transport, if possible – on foot. I will try to agree on work or to continue working online, or ask myself to change the work schedule so as not to get on the metro and minibus during rush hour.
  • I will do without the enclosed spaces of restaurants and cafes. Having someone impatient – I don’t have it – family health and safety is more important. With a friend (one, maximum, two – I will sit outside or in nature).
  • In addition, I will manage so far without “shish kebabs” and in general – without large companies. Well, it’s not worth the risk! Friends, if they are real, they will understand me. Support.
  • Personal hygiene is not a campaign. I continue to wash my hands, make sure I don’t touch my face, I don’t allow anyone to rape, and I never violate social distance myself.
  • All health, safety, calm and good humor. And when the pandemic ends – we note it together!

    Julia Gorban, Kiev

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