How to restore color to gray hair: scientists have found a way



If gray hair color is caused by a person’s stressful state, gray hair can be reversible.

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Gray hair and its reversibility.
Is it possible to restore the color of gray hair, the response of scientists. Photo:

This conclusion was made by scientists at Columbia University.

According to them, you can restore the color of gray hair, even if gray hair has appeared recently.

“Gray hair is due to changes in the metabolic signaling pathways of proteins in the body. The hormones that are produced under the influence of severe stress – cortisol and others, have a strong influence on these pathways, “ – said experts.

Consequently, the less a person is exposed to stress, the more he is immune to early graying.

Scientists have found that with a decrease in stress on the human body, hair color has been restored.

The researchers expressed the hope that their conclusion could serve as a basis for obtaining drugs that can help limit the effect of stress on changes in hair pigmentation.

As for gray hair linked to age, their appearance occurs with a decrease in the enzymes of the body, which ensure the synthesis of melanin.

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