How to return Crimea and Donbass: a former adviser to Putin gave important advice to Ukraine



Ukraine must strengthen the economy, as well as the political system, its military component and its security system.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Andrey Illarionov.
A former Putin adviser gave important advice to Ukraine. Photo:

This opinion was expressed by the former adviser to the President of Russia Andrei Illarionov. According to him, this will defend their sovereignty under the conditions of Russian aggression.

As noted by Putin’s former advisor, nothing else can give the desired effect. And even if success is achieved in all these areas, that does not mean that it will immediately restore full sovereignty over all regions of the country.

“It is a long-term strategy for years and decades. And it is entirely possible that this president, or even the next one, will ultimately succeed “ – said Illarionov.

He recalled that it had taken more than 40 years to unite West Germany and the East and regain control of the entire territory of the country.

The expert stressed that to get results in the future, action had to start today.

Earlier, it was reported that Reznikov called a way to arrest Putin.



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