How to Send a Secure Email in Gmail

If you are a Gmail user and apprehensive about the security and privacy of your email messages, encryption is the solution. Email encryption is the process of hiding vulnerable information such as your passwords, bank account details, login credentials, and more from being read and hacked by unwanted parties.

When you send an email in Gmail, it uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol to transmit your email messages by default. This protocol will only work if the receiver’s mail service also supports TLS encryption.

Therefore, the users need an enhanced encryption protocol like S/MIME to ensure their sensitive information is end-to-end encrypted. The recipient can decrypt the message using a key code.

It is important to know that this feature is available to all G Suite subscribers, and those using the free Gmail will not benefit from it. To learn about how to encrypt Gmail via S/MIME, check out this article until the end.

How to Send Encrypted Email in Gmail (G-Suite)

G Suite, otherwise known as Gmail for Business, comes with different encryption options. S/MIME is one of such encryption protocol options that encrypts emails with key code specified for the user. As a result, the email will remain secure during delivery and can only be decrypted by the reader.

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However, for this encryption protocol to work, both sender and receiver must enable it in their G Suite accounts. To encrypt your email messages in G Suite, follow these steps:

Enable S/MIME Encryption in G Suite

1. Go to Google Admin console  or type

2. Navigate to Apps

3. Next, you need to go to G Suite then click on Gmail 

4. From Gmail, you need to click on User settings

5. Now, choose an organization on the left

6. At the bottom of the Settings window, you need to select Enable S/MIME encryption for sending and receiving emails box 

7. Finally, save the settings by clicking on the Save button

G Suite will update your encryption settings within an hour. Next, you need to check if your sent email will be encrypted. Here is how to do that:

Gmail App for Windows

Apply Encryption for a Sent Email

1) Start creating a new message 

2) Add your recipients to the To field

3) Now check if the lock icon has appeared to the right of the recipient’s name

4) Click this lock icon to choose S/MIME settings or level of encryption

To learn about the message encryption on your recipient side, keep on reading:

Check Encryption for a Received Email

1) Open a message

2) Whether you are using an android device or iOS, click on View Details

3) You will see a colored lock icon that will indicate the level of encryption used to send the email message

Now, there are three colors of lock icons, and you can tell by the color if the message you have received is encrypted or not. The Green color shows that the received message is S/MIME encrypted. The Gray color indicates the TLS encryption, while the Red color shows there is no encryption.

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