How to Set Up a Skype Conference Call (2022) // Complete Guide

Skype is a world-renowned software used to make voice and video calls through the internet free of charge. With hundreds and millions of active users around the world, Skype is still going strong. It is mostly and commonly used by small-scale businesses and allows them to have group calls and video conferences with up to 25 employees at a time.

Web conferences have always been significant for companies as it keeps all the working staff on the same page. But when COVID-19 happened, conference calls have become necessary since most of us work from our homes.

There are many other video conferencing providers out there. But when it comes to choosing the best, Skype still has the edge due to its unique features. Most people might be using it for the first time for a conference call, and you might want to learn how to set up skype conference call. If yes, be sure to check out this article. 

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How to Set Up a Conference Call with Skype on PC?

With approximately one minute of set-up time, Skype allows you to put together a conference call that will connect dozens of participants in one easy way. Depending on which device you are using, calls can be video, audio, and a mix of both.

The process of setting up a skype conference call differs depending on whether or not the group is made up of Skype users only. It is essential to know that you can set up skype users only calls or a mix of Skype users and individuals using a phone number or landline. Let us look at both procedures one by one. 

Setting up a Conference with Only Skype Users on PC 

Skype-to-Skype conference call is completely free, and here is how you will set it up:

  1. Launch Skype on your PC. 
  2. Now click the “Group” icon that is right above your list of contacts.
  3. After clicking, an empty window will appear. In this Skype client window, you need to click and drag the contacts you want to include in your conference call. 
  4. After adding all the contacts, check again if you are not missing any contact.
  5. Now click the “Call group” button, and Skype will call the selected contacts.

Setting up a Conference with NOT Only Skype Users on PC 

If you are adding participants that are not on Skype, there will be charges for that depending on where you are calling. Therefore, keep that in mind while setting up a conference call. 

  1. First, follow all the steps above until adding callers that are on Skype. The initial process is the same. 
  2. Now, click a plus “+” icon adjacent to the “Call group” button.
  3. After clicking the button, you need to type in the phone numbers you want to add to the conference call. 
  4. After adding all the contacts, click the “Call group” button and initiate the call. 

Tip: Do not forget to name and save the group if you want to use the same group again. It will save you that extra minute of setting up a call.