How to watch YouTube without ads: published a simple trick


The “legal” way to stop watching ads is to buy a YouTube premium membership

How to watch YouTube without ads: published a simple trick. Photo:

Social network user Reddit has published an easy way to watch YouTube videos in a web browser without ads. To do this, in the URL of any video you want to watch, you must add a dot after the “com” in the YouTube link.

Example: Original link –
No advertising link:

A Reddit user with the nickname Unicorn4sale suggested how you can get YouTube ads with such a simple trick:

“This is an often-forgotten borderline case: websites forget to normalize the hostname, the content is still loading, but the browser doesn’t match the hostname, so there are no cookies and the cores don’t work Is (the technology of modern browsers that allow web pages to be accessed) resources from another domain – PSM7.COM). “Many large sites use a different domain to display advertisements / media using white lists. Does not have an extra dot. “

According to The Verge, YouTube is likely to fix this error soon, as the post has become one of the most popular on Reddit – more than 4 thousand people have already voted for it.

Stop watching ads “legally” on YouTube, a user can purchase a YouTube Premium membership. How much does it cost and how to do it – read in our content Where to watch movies and listen to music online: TOP-8 services for Ukraine.

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We previously wrote about how much YouTube pays for the views of content creators. In March, the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) ranged from $ 8 to $ 15. For example, Jade Darmwangs earned $ 3.6 thousand for a video titled “How to Grow on Instagram” with 1.2 million views. US Navy staffer Austin Alexander earned about $ 6 thousand for 1 million views, and all thanks to the length of the video. The time that the blogger intentionally increases.

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