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Amidst the coronovirus epidemic, consumers began traveling more frequently within the country

How domestic tourism has changed due to the epidemic – AirBnB. Photo:

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, more and more consumers are booking accommodation within their country. Therefore, in the period from May 17 to June 3, Americans became much more active in booking accommodation in the United States than in the previous year. AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky said the same situation has been observed in other countries – Germany, Portugal, South Korea and New Zealand.

The increased interest in domestic tourism may be a long-term trend, as experts predict that the vaccine against COVID-19 will not be developed until mid-2021.

Therefore, since the epidemic began, more than half of bookings via AirBnB are within 350 km of a client’s location. As Chesky said, this is due to the fact that now people travel from planes to cars while traveling.

Airbnb also noted a change in consumer preferences for the holidays. If earlier service users book accommodation abroad more often for shorter periods, now longer-term accommodation within the country is preferred. Airbnb associates this with an increase in remote work that allows you to work from anywhere.

Jeff Hurst, president of VRBO, a travel company for rental accommodation, told Bloomberg that users now rent country homes more than hotel rooms, because the former are better suited to maintain social distance.

Recall that in early May, an online site for placement, search and short-term rental of private accommodation Airbnb fired 25% of its employees due to the results of coronacrosis. According to The Verge portal, this year not only AirBnB, but the entire travel sector is suffering losses due to travel restrictions, social distance regulations and macroeconomic problems.

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According to the American Hotel Industry Association (AHLA), since the onset of the epidemic, hotels have lost more than $ 25 billion in revenue, and 70% of their employees have been on unpaid leave or fired. Several major US hotel brands, including Marriott, Best Western, Hilton and Hyatt, have resolved to follow the new Safe Stay Guidelines of AHLA, which follow contactless registration and new cleaning standards. How the tourism industry will change due to the coronovirus epidemic – read new article from Pespace magazine.

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