How Ukraine and Ukrainians can help their doctors



How Ukraine and Ukrainians can help their doctors

It is possible and it is expected. It’s not just quarantine. For example, providing lunch, helping with insurance, caring for families of patients

Most of us have finally realized that the fight against the pandemic is just as important a “front” as in the East. And you also have to take care of your defenders. As a result, voluntary organizations are actively deploying again. And at the end of March, the Ministry of Health prepared a decree according to which doctors’ meals are organized in the medical establishments where they help COVID-19. “All health workers involved in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection in Ukraine who are constantly on the job will receive food,” said Deputy Minister, Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko, signing the corresponding order. However, it seems that this ordinance is only prepared for its implementation. Volunteers have so far contributed more.

But that’s far from the only thing the state and we can all do for Ukrainian doctors.

Although volunteers take care of the food, everyone can join

The Kiev Volunteer Center, specially created to support hospitals in the fight against COVID-19, began working in Kiev under the administration of the City of Kiev State. Therefore, Ukrinform asked the volunteers for a comment, realizing that all the pain points are known there. But all the same, we first asked questions about nutrition. After all, people who are fighting for our lives should not be thinking about how and what to eat.

“Our head office provides food to doctors in Alexandrovskaya and the 9th Kiev hospital on Tuesday. According to the decree, the Ministry of Health will provide basic nutrition to doctors working with patients with COVID-19. However, many volunteer initiatives are joining. Our head office supplies the city’s support hospitals with coffee machines and coffee, tea, and we also prepare 400 kg of frozen fruit for all support hospitals. We know there are many initiatives aimed at providing nutrition to our doctors, ”they say at the Kiev volunteer headquarters.

One of these initiatives is that of the TARANTINO family restaurateur (rocket, murakami, compote) Dima Fedotenkova:

“Friends, we continue to feed the doctors. So that they have strong nerves and good health pass the peak of the epidemic and do not fall from their feet. We make over a thousand dinners. We meet the needs of seven clinics. We have to speed up the momentum because we do not cover all hospitals. But we can with your support. What’s the option? You can click on + “Lunch for the doctor” for any of your orders. You can without order. The bottom line is that at the push of a button, a doctor is given food. 30 hryvnia. No food complaints. The lunches are so delicious that I myself have gone over to them now

How Ukraine and Ukrainians can help their doctors

Feed doctors and front line advocates

For example, one of the institutions that the network helps is the Institute for Neurosurgery. Academician A.P. Romodanova NAMS from Ukraine. 50-60 breakfasts for nurses who work for several days are regularly brought to the establishment, as the neurosurgeon Viktor Yatsyk writes.

A similar initiative was launched by the Pizza Veterano Pizza Network, launching a flash mob to deliver pizza to “all fighters with coronavirus”: doctors, firefighters, police and the National Guard. Pizza Veterano and creative agency co-founder Michurin Dmitry Logginov requested an additional pizza when ordering, which Pizza Veterano employees will deliver to firefighters or doctors.

The chief doctor of the Ivano-Frankivsk clinical hospital, Taras Maslyak, in a comment to Ukrinform, says that the main problem for the institution’s doctors is now a decent payment for their work at a critical time: ” Volunteers always provide relatively good nutrition to our doctors. In addition, we have a kitchen where employees can order a fixed lunch for 36 hryvnia. But they all live in town and most take food at home, so there is no problem. Now, the main thing is to provide them with an adequate salary. “

Monastyrisky Central District Hospital Chief Physician Stefania Podgornaya Ukrinform said that for doctors caring for infected patients, they managed to organize free meals: “All food is delivered by private entrepreneurs, volunteers and caring people. 14 people receive food every day – they have lots of vegetables and fruit. “

In general, the network has dozens of messages on this assistance to our doctors. Mainly voluntary efforts and philanthropists. For example, in Rivne, a family, who is not called, decided to pay for food for the medical team in the intensive care unit for 14 days, as reported by the local ChaRivne website. In Kharkov, free meals for 50 doctors from the Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital are prepared by employees of the “Mafia” restaurant in Kharkov. On the menu is a spinach salad, soup and a second course, says restaurant manager Oksana Adamchuk, noting that the restaurant plans to work this way until the emergency ends.

How Ukraine and Ukrainians can help their doctors

In Kiev and Kharkov, “MAFIA” restaurants are prepared free of charge for doctors

Personal protective equipment, gear and other ordinary items

However, the situation with personal protective equipment (PPE) in the capital is not as optimistic as with food. “On average, there are PPE support centers in support hospitals for the next 2-3 days, and all hospitals require a large number of PPE and a significant amount of medical equipment “said the Kiev volunteer headquarters.

In addition, all the equipment brought back to the field is not suitable for use. This had already been reported by the headquarters coordinator, Maxim Bakhmatov, on his Facebook page. He said the Kiev volunteer headquarters had conducted an independent independent audit of KMKL # 17 (the hospital is rethinking the old department to receive patients with COVID-19), the state of readiness at the reception of patients with coronavirus. The results were completely disappointing.

“The total number of fans is 24! Inactive 8. There are 16 workers, 10 of whom do not qualify and have no plans to treat patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, which can complicate COVID-19. Only 6 remain, 4 of them work on the emergency (state of emergency – N.D.E.) and cannot be involved in the treatment of COVID-19. Indeed, other emergency cases have unfortunately not been quarantined. And now we can see how 24 ventilators turned into 2. Again – up to 2 ventilators for intensive care units for patients with COVID-19!

The proposed ventilator costs 500,000. They need 10 pieces. Already 5 million. And the story with CPAP devices (devices to treat respiratory problems during sleep. – NDE) (3 million UAH) with monitors (750 thousand UAH), vacuum cleaners (64 thousand UAH), pulse oximeters (40 thousand UAH), syringe pumps (270 000 UAH) and positive displacement pumps (482 000) – without all this equipment, it is impossible to provide quality assistance! “

How Ukraine and Ukrainians can help their doctors

Maxim Bakhmatov

And this is not a complete list of problems, that Maxim Bakhmatov described, adding that according to his subjective impression, this hospital is no exception, and therefore it is now necessary to carry out audits and analyze the state of preparation of hospitals “by screw”.

A report on the results of the headquarters’ work for the week can be found at this link. The “Patients of Ukraine” organization is also involved in coordinating assistance to doctors. A separate section has been created on the organization’s website with a description of the purposes for which funds can be transferred – PPE, mechanical ventilation equipment, portable X-rays and PCR test systems.

We also ask Taras Maslyak if the doctors at the Ivano-Frankivsk central hospital are equipped with personal protective equipment. “As a leader, I am responsible for the lives of the workers and I can say that our employees are fully supplied – even with glasses, of which we have 400 pieces. But at the same time, some workers in the presence of PPE sometimes continue to do without gloves or masks, like other people. All this because the coronavirus is a threat that is not physically visible, so it seems that it does not exist, explains the chief doctor.

But that adds to other, more pressing problems – for example, bleach-based disinfectants that “bite” the eyes. Therefore, the hospital is now looking for more modern antiseptics. “In addition, I would like to provide our doctors who are constantly wearing masks, helmets, glasses and gloves with creams and tonic products to protect their skin. Volunteers promise to help us with this. In addition, we still need disposable coveralls. We have reusable ones, but even half an hour to work on them is very tiring – as if you were in a public bath. Therefore, I want to give employees better conditions and find it easier to use disposable coveralls for them, ”says Taras Maslyak. In conclusion, he adds that there are still no confirmed cases of coronavirus among doctors. And he points out: in order to protect themselves and their families, even doctors must remember three things: wash their hands constantly, wear protective equipment, and change clothes completely at home.

The chief medical officer of the central district hospital in Monastyris also explained what was in the hospital. “We have four oxygen concentrators. How the situation will develop – we do not know. Therefore, of course, we need two or three more oxygen concentrators, because suddenly there will be more patients who need to be converted to oxygen. There are two ventilation devices. Bathrobes, masks, respirators, gloves, coveralls – it’s a little bit provided. But every day we receive supplies – local volunteers and deputies from Kiev.

Take care of sick health workers

How can we help healthcare providers who receive COVID-19? The Ukrainian Ministry of Health, together with Ukrainian businessmen, launched the social campaign # ПідтримуюЛікарів, the press service of the Ministry of Health reported in Telegram.

“Ukrainian businessmen have joined the # Ptrimuyu Lіkarіv social campaign and launched a platform where everyone can help Ukrainian doctors infected with coronavirus infection in the performance of their duties. During the first 5 days of the project’s existence, it was already possible to collect 5 million hryvnias, ”said the report. The Ministry of Health informs that to receive assistance, it is necessary to submit a request on the site, to confirm the status of the medical worker and the diagnosis of COVID-19. “Ukrainian doctors now need support and kind words more than ever. Thank them for their dedicated work is the least that each of us can do, ”said the department.

How Ukraine and Ukrainians can help their doctors

Taras Maslyak

Taras Maslyak, in a comment to Ukrinform, also notes that the introduction of state insurance would be a big help for “frontline” doctors – so that every employee can be sure their family will be compensated for today’s risk. “Whether it is the insurance of at least 100 or 200,000 hryvnia or the possibility of rehabilitation after the pandemic in the sanatoriums. These are the people who are now fighting “on the front lines” in hospitals, and they must be interested. But at the same time, everyone should stay put and work without any excuse. Doctors should be ready to do front-line work, “said Mr. Maslyak.

In Lutsk, for example, today, April 8, they have already followed this path – city council deputies have decided to allocate funds from the local budget for the treatment of doctors infected with coronavirus. Lutsk mayor’s adviser Igor Polishchuk stressed that this is a kind of insurance for medical workers in the city of Lutsk and regional subordination who have been infected with a coronavirus, reports the site. Local web “Under the Sight”. “We find that on April 7, out of 34 Volhynians, 20 doctors were infected with a coronavirus, or nearly 60%. Therefore, today, under such conditions, we must take care of those who will help the patients, “said Polishchuk and added that no free medicine had yet been received in the region, and when they will not be not yet known.

But there remains a larger problem, the solution of which must be worked out by the state and local authorities. In late March, a nurse from Slavutsk central hospital remembered her in an emotional Facebook message, noting that in other countries, accommodation had been allocated for the isolation of doctors in the event of a pandemic. that they don’t endanger their families. Therefore, this must also be resolved now – and in some places it is already understood. For example, the Ukrainian Catholic University is ready to provide homes for doctors and vehicles for their transportation, as reported by the press service of the Lviv State Regional Administration.

But all the same, the main help given to Ukrainian doctors is, of course, the respect by all of us of the quarantine requirements. After all, the better we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, the easier it will be for those who are now at the forefront of the fight against coronaviruses.

Julia Gorban, Kiev

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