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More than one-third of employers have already returned to the normal work format


In Ukraine, adaptive quarantine continues to operate, like many other countries. Transportation, cafes, shopping centers work is resuming, with many companies returning to work partially or fully in offices. Experts at the Gruaua Analytical Center talked about whether companies have returned to “office” mode or, like Facebook and Twitter, decided to continue working remotely.

A survey conducted by Gruua showed that more than a third (35%) of the respondents had already returned to the normal format of work. Another 27% plan to do so in the near future (within 1-2 weeks).

At the same time, every fifth defendant (20%) stated: Company employees (all or most) will work remotely until the final stabilization of the situation occurs. But 13% of employers allowed each employee to make that decision individually: if the conditions permit, the employee may continue to work remotely, if not, he may work in the office. Most often, such “freedom” is, according to a survey, prevalent in IT companies in the “business for service”, “electronics”, “retail” and other sectors.

And only 2% of respondents appreciated the benefits of remote work and continued to work in such a way regardless of the situation with coronovirus. This was stated by representatives of industries such as “financial sector”, “information technology” and “social activities”. Some respondents also talked about such work as the “chess” conclusion of employees, when some people work for several days in the office, others at home, they change places.

According to the survey conducted in mid-May, more than a third (37%) of the applicants would like to work remotely in the future. But 19% of the participants, by contrast, were not able to get used to working at home and soon preferred to return to offices. Another 15% of respondents announced their readiness for such a withdrawal, provided that employers took additional steps to protect the health of employees.

Wage and labor market

by Given, in the first weeks of quarantine, increased the average expected salary from 13 to 15,000 hryvnias, but then fell below pre-quarantine levels. Now candidates claim an average of 12,000 hryvnias.

On average, the number of registered FLPs returned at pre-quarantine rates. For example, they numbered 7269 entrepreneurs last week, this week – 4962. In addition, on average, about a thousand new enterprises are registered every week.

At the same time, since April, the number of active vacancies has increased by more than 40%. Now 40 000 active vacancies at At the beginning of the quarantine there were 54,000 vacancies.

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