How Ukrainians paid with card in March: UPC stats


The number of card transactions increased by 8.6% last month, and transaction volume increased by 10%. According to UPC, the overall growth rate of card transactions slowed significantly in March

In March, quarantine was announced against the spread of coronovirus infection in Ukraine. How has this affected consumer behavior? What functions do Ukrainians use most often with payment cards? The Ukrainian Processing Center released the figures for the previous month.

Where did Ukrainians pay and how much did they spend in March 2020

In March, according to the UPC, an active card costs 9 financial transactions and UAH 14,808 (this is both purchases and cash withdrawals).

The article analyzes the payment card indicators of UPC customer banks for March 2020 (compared to March 2019).

ATM and POS-Terminal

Last month, cards were often counted in POS-terminals and cash withdrawals – 62% and 23% of the total number of transactions, respectively. The number of cash withdrawal transactions at ATMs decreased by 21%, and the amount of cash withdrawal decreased by 13.2%. The average cash withdrawal amount at an ATM is 3128 UAH.

Cardholders were 17% more likely to pay by card at POS-terminals, up 16.8% from March last year. The average purchase amount for the year has not increased and amounted to $ 667.

online payment

In relation to the introduction of quarantine measures in Ukraine, cardholders have become more and more willing to buy online. In March, Ukrainians performed nearly a third more internet operations (+ 29.3%), and online spending grew 2.7 times. The average amount of payment is 1400 UAH, a year earlier it was only 500 UAH.

Most often, cardholders paid for utilities, repaid mobile phones, and paid for video games.

Internet payments for food showed rapid growth – their volume doubled, and the amount increased by 126%. Next comes readymade food orders: number of operations increased by 63%, expenses – 93%. Ukrainians were 51% likely to pay for taxi services and spent 46% more.

The operation of air / train tickets (39% decrease in numbers, 68% decrease in cash volume) and purchase of clothes in online stores (59% decrease in number of payments and 19% cash equivalent) showed a significant decline. .

Card-to-card transfer

Card-to-card transfers account for only 3.8% of the total number of financial transactions. But in March this year, the number of such transfers increased by 54%.

These operations increased the cash business significantly – 62%. The average transfer amount was 2245 UAH.

The number of card transactions increased by 8.6% last month, while the cash volume of operations increased by 10%. But the general growth rate of card transactions slowed down significantly in March.

Restrictive measures in relation to the epidemic were introduced in mid-March, but they undoubtedly affected the payment behavior of cardholders. Ukrainians have become more economical and spend money mainly on essential goods and services, more often transferring money to other cards.

Despite the continuation of quarantine measures, the UPC predicts a decrease in card transactions in April.

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