How will the international air service work from the end of May?


Minister of Infrastructure described how Ukrainians could leave the country

How the international air service will operate from the end of May. Photo:

Ukraine does not reinstate international scheduled flights. In addition, passenger crossing points continue to operate in a special mode. “TSN.19: 30” on the air about this, said Ukraine Vladislav’s Minister of Infrastructure Krikly.

Vladislav Cricli
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

The minister also does not advise citizens to buy tickets on 23 May.

Vladislav Cricli
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

The minister named the categories of people who After May 20 can fly and buy tickets:

  1. Foreign nationals
  2. Workers and people who have residence permits
  3. Students studying in other countries
  4. People who are required to travel for medical purposes.

“For this, we make special flights and inform about special flights,” the politician explained. Crickley also emphasized that the constitution does not prohibit citizens in traveling and that Ukrainians who wish to go abroad should not seek permission from the Foreign Ministry.

Vladislav Cricli
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

The minister advised Ukrainians to plan international flights for the second half of summer.

Vladislav Cricli
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Earlier, several airlines, International Airlines of Ukraine, Czech Airlines, Vis Air and Lufthansa had on May 22 announced the resumption of flights after the end of quarantine. It is already possible to book flights in May-June 2020 on the four airlines’ sites.

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Earlier, Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba said that domestic flights to Ukraine could be restored in the summer, while full resumption of international flights should not be expected in the coming months. According to him, there are now many European countries that are powerful tourist destinations, “rack your brains how to solve it.” According to experts, the world will begin to “Uber” in September, the minister said.

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