Hromadske journalist dishonored nationwide: well-deserved sentence for Nazi greetings on the air



A video report by journalist Hromadske on the meeting of a train from Russia, which sent the Ukrainians back to their country of origin, was published in the media. During this report, the journalist was extremely provocative, insulting and provoking the Ukrainians who returned from Moscow. In addition, he used Nazi greetings with a corresponding gesture.

Anatoly Shariy
Anatoly Shariy. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference on Anatoly Sharia’s YouTube channel.

It is reported that this material was published directly on the Hromadske publication website. After the video sparked outrage, it was deleted and Hromadske apologized to the citizens of Ukraine for the provocative behavior of their employee.

The publication promises to hold an editorial meeting, and on March 30 to take action against the scandalous journalist.

It should be noted that in addition to Nazi gestures (hand in the sun), in the course of his professional duties, he resorted to insults from Ukrainians and repeatedly called on the public to support his radical ideas in terms of negative attitude towards compatriots who, for one reason or another, were in Moscow.

For now, the video can be viewed through blogger Anatoly Sharia’s YouTube channel, which has criticized such behavior.

Recall that, as previously indicated, Ukraine is ready to produce drugs for the coronavirus: the doctors ask the government to take a risky action.

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