Huawei Mate Xs updated with patches … April!


This morning we told you about the updates released for the Huawei P Smart Z and P Smart 2019, emphasizing that in general, the presence of May security patches on two mid-range and rather outdated devices is a good compromise.

Another rating for Huawei Mate XsThe first smartphone with a folding display of the Chinese giant, which since its release continues to not shine in terms of software support. The specifics of the device, of course, is a partial justification for not so timely updates, we will see if something changes in the coming months.

So today we are commenting on the release of a new update for Huawei Mate Xs with security fixes for Android … April! New build version EMUI (C432E2R2P1) and the download weight is 415 MB. Unusual weight for a regular update, even if the official change log, in addition to the aforementioned security fixes, mentions only general system performance optimizations, display and stability improvements for Wi-Fi connections. In short, nothing catches your eye.

It is worth noting that some Italian units have already participated in this update. Huawei Mate Xs, therefore, it is only natural to think about completing deployment in our country within a few hours.


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