Human rights activists sound the alarm: the Kremlin is preparing in L / DPR new agents of influence from the “Russian world”



Ukrainian human rights activists from the Eastern Human Rights Group described how the professional ORDLOs, controlled by the Russian Federation, are involved in the “patriotic” education of children and young people in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass.

therefore activists “raise” children. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Facebook– page of the Eastern Group for Human Rights.

Ukrainian human rights activists from the Eastern Eastern Rights Group are sounding the alarm. According to human rights activists, the professional “L / DPR authorities” controlled by the Russian Federation are implementing their programs on children and young zombies. Human rights activists write that the invaders want to educate the children who live in the occupied territories of Donbas, a completely pro-Russian mentality.

According to the Eastern Human Rights Group, a number of programs operate for this purpose at ORDLO. For example, one of them is called “Raising a young citizen”. Human rights activists shared a photo of the questionnaire for the child’s parents. The questionnaire includes the following questions:

“Do you speak with your child on moral and patriotic subjects?”, “Do you watch military films with your child, do you listen to songs from the war years?” and other questions about it.

Human rights activists are convinced that such “education” programs for children are being developed in the Kremlin. And the “L / DPR authorities” embody them directly.

“The occupation administrations are investing enormous resources to train new agents of influence in the” Russian world “, write human rights activists.


Gepostet von Eastern Human Rights Group a m Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2020

Human rights activists noted that they were working to establish the identity of the ideologues and political strategists involved in this case.

Earlier, we reported that at the headquarters of the OOS had announced the date of opening of the checkpoints on the demarcation line.


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