I am ashamed to go to work – a doctor from one of the “LPR” hospitals spoke about the situation of the coronavirus in the “republic”



The doctor of one of the hospitals of the so-called “LPR” spoke about the situation of the coronavirus in the “republic”. According to him, many people with signs of acute respiratory viral infection come to the hospital, but do not test for the coronavirus.

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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to social networks, reports MFN.

The doctor from one of the “LPR” hospitals spoke of the epidemiological situation in occupied Lugansk. According to him, up to 10 patients with signs of acute respiratory viral infections are admitted to the hospital where he works every day, but no one tests for the coronavirus. According to him, even patients with high fever and severe shortness of breath arrive.

In addition, the doctor mentioned the situation regarding the supply of personal protective equipment to employees of medical establishments. According to him, the paramedics work without protective suits and, personally, since the beginning of the epidemic, he has received only two gauze dressings and only two small bottles of antiseptics.

“It is a shame to go to work, the patients wear respirators and I wear a makeshift mask,” said the doctor.

A busy Lugansk resident Sergey shared information with social networks. He writes that from now on, in the “republic”, people without masks are fined.

“If it was not taken seriously before, now everything has changed. The fine is 100 to 500 rubles, ”writes Sergey.

According to him, it is not a large amount, and it hardly scares anyone.

In addition, local residents write that recently masks appeared in the pharmacies of the “republic”. The mask in the “republic” can be purchased 23 rubles.

It should be noted that quarantine has not been officially introduced into the “LPR”. The residents of Lugansk write that they can most likely quarantine from May 1.

As you know, from April 22, the “LPR authorities” prohibited residents of the “republic” from visiting patients in hospitals and visiting cemeteries.

Earlier, we reported that the head of the “DPR” Pushilin issued a new “decree”, which refers to “officials of the republic”.

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