“I believe in marriage, but I don’t think about it yet”: Cody Simpson spoke about the relationship with Miley Cyrus



Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

The other day, 23-year-old Australian singer Cody Simpson gave an interview to the Sydney Morning Herald. He said he was very happy with Miley Cyrus, 27, and appreciates the relationship with his beloved.

The relationship with Miley is something wonderful going on in my life. She is creative and independent, she motivates me to be myself. We are both creative individuals who support each other in our work,

– he admitted, noting that the singer also inspires him.

Miley is my muse. The romantic poems I write are largely devoted to him. What happens in my personal life inevitably manifests in my work,

– noted Simpson.

The executive shared his thoughts on marriage.

I believe in marriage, but I don’t think about it too much yet. I’m too young to think about it, to be honest. I continue to surround myself with positive women who inspire me and teach me new things every day,

– admitted Cody.

He also talked about strong, independent women who support him (Miley is on the list, of course).

My maternal grandmother, Gail, has always had a huge impact on me. This wise woman took me swimming every day at 5.30 am.

He said.

Cody also spoke warmly of the paternal grandmother and his mother Angie, who showed a fine example of what a reliable and responsible person is. She was the one who originally proposed that the whole family move from Australia to the United States, so that Simpson could continue making music.

I owe a lot to these women. My ability to make the right decisions has developed through education: I don’t want to disappoint my mother or my grandmothers,

– explained the singer.

On April 1, Miley and Cody, who are now isolated together, celebrated six months since the relationship began. That day, Simpson shared a black and white photo of her lover.

Six months with you cost a lifetime with someone else. I love you

– photo of signature singer.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson started dating in early October last year, a month and a half after the singer divorced actor Liam Hemsworth. Then the paparazzi caught Miley and Cody for kissing on a date.

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