I did not see better – the blogger told how the security forces of the “DPR” observe the “decree” of Pushilin on alert



A busy Donetsk blogger, writing under the nickname “hochu_domoy”, reports that representatives of the power structures of the so-called “DPR” do not comply with Denis Pushilin’s “decree” on alert. According to him, the security forces move and march along occupied Donetsk without a mask, thus setting a bad example for the inhabitants of the “republic”.

representative of the IAF
Representative of the IAF. Stock Photo –

This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the blogger’s telegram chain “hochu_domoy”, reports the MFN.

A busy Donetsk blogger, writing under the nickname of hochu_domoy, reports that representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the DPR – GAI, the Ministry of Emergencies, the MGB and other repressive units of the republic have ignored the chief’s decree. the republic on the increased preparation regime.

Representatives of the police, the “military commander’s office”, the “tax office” and the “prosecutor’s office” walk around the town without a mask. I didn’t see a better view during the entire period of the conflict, ”writes the blogger.

In the comments of a blogger, the inhabitants of occupied Donetsk write that such a frivolous attitude of the security forces towards the “decree” of Pushilin indicates that no quarantine has been officially announced in the “republic” . But, some users have noted that “the matter is not in quarantine, but in responsibility”.

The blogger himself ironically noted on this occasion:

“Natural selection will do its job.”

Earlier, we reported that users of social networks have said what awaits the inhabitants of the “republic” who do without masks.



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