I have no right to give up – Zelensky has announced the decisive revitalization of his team



Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky gave a moving interview to BBC News Ukraine, during which he said it was not easy, but he had no plans to give up and was ready to activate his team.

Vladimir Zelensky
Vladimir Zelensky. Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to the interview BBC News Ukraine.

Zelensky is sure that, despite all the difficulties and the crisis in the country, his team continues to strengthen Ukraine.

“Regarding the presidency, I’m going to be honest – it’s difficult. This job is extremely demanding and constantly feels like a big responsibility. That’s why I’m not allowed to take a break and give up “My team has already done a lot for Ukraine. Unfortunately, certain challenges, such as the coronavirus epidemic, have slowed us down a bit. But we are continuing our activity and I will put my team back in turbo mode,” said Zelensky.

He noted that he was extremely short of time for his personal life and his family. However, he understands that this is inevitably part of his position.

Recall, as previously indicated, that Ukraine has urgently increased aviation: a major anti-sabotage operation is underway.

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