I have not seen such cynicism – Goncharenko drew attention to an important nuance in the new decision of the Cabinet of Ministers concerning quarantine



Party of European Solidarity MP Alexei Goncharenko criticized the new quarantine measures taken by the Cabinet of Ministers. The member thinks they are too harsh. Most importantly, Goncharenko was outraged at the government’s decision to allow pawnbrokers to operate. He called this decision “cynicism”.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to YuoTube Goncharenko Canal.

“European Solidarity” MP Alexey Goncharenko recorded a video message to his constituents today, April 3. The MP criticized the strict quarantine measures taken by the Cabinet of Ministers. He finds it strange that children under the age of 16 cannot go out alone, as well as a ban on going to parks and squares.

However, the people’s deputy drew attention to an important nuance – the Cabinet of Ministers allowed pawnbrokers to operate. The MP believes that this “cynical” decision was taken for a good reason. Indeed, in such a difficult period, Ukrainian citizens are short of money, which means that they will be forced to go to pawnbrokers to give everything they have value.

“The government has allowed pawnbrokers to operate!” Pawn shop! They all understand perfectly and I have not seen such cynicism. First brought people. They stopped the economy, and now the pawnbrokers are opening. Bring what you left home, ”said the MP.

Goncharenko does not exclude that the crime rate will even increase in the country.

Earlier, we reported that Goncharenko was outraged at Zelensky’s decision.

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