I have to honestly admit: Avakov appointed the probable time limits for the completion of the quarantine



Ukrainian Home Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov said he received a lot of information about the incidence of coronaviruses in various regions of the country, but did not know when the restrictions could be lifted.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Arsen Avakov on quarantine terms.
The probable deadlines for the completion of the quarantine are named. Photo:

At the same time, the grievor appointed the estimated time periods for the completion of the quarantine measures.

“I don’t know, nobody knows. And if someone says with confidence that they know – don’t believe it. I can nevertheless assume and hope that the country will start to resume a normal life in May and will fully recover at this stadium by summer. ” – said the minister.

According to Avakov, quarantine measures will be gradually weakened for different categories of the population.

“First for young people, then for seniors … in the second half of May … If we don’t break the current pattern of resistance to the virus, if we keep order and discipline. If we postpone disputes for later, but now we will maintain quarantine firmly “, He concluded.

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