I tensed – Birch warned Ukraine of Zelensky’s threat of “hellish harassment”



Some sources of the former MP said that inside the upper political classes of Ukraine, an important obligation towards the IMF is likely to appear. Borislav Bereza thinks that because of him, Ukrainian business could end.

Borislav Bereza
Borislav Birch. Photo –

The former people’s deputy reported this information on the page “Facebook“, Reports” NPF “.

“I tensed up. In the memorandum with the IMF, there is the possibility of a possible clause on the Ukrainian government’s refusal to introduce protective measures for domestic producers. The same goes for state support for exports, as well as for import substitution, ”said the former MP at the outset.

It is too early to shout about hellish hell, but knowing the “talents” of Zelensky, Ermak and Shmygal, I tensed. At a time …

Gepostet von Borislav Bereza a m Donnerstag 11. Juni 2020

After that, Birch declared that the West wanted to support Ukraine after the completion of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after that, he declared that Zelensky’s similar approaches to the IMF are a veritable “zrada”.

“Yes, in the context of European declarations, such a move by the President of Ukraine is no longer just stupid. Vladimir Zelensky can act in the interest of betraying national interests. After all, everyone knows that the state is simply obliged to protect rights and support our contractors and manufacturers, “he said at the end, also stressing the need to consult the final publication of the memorandum in order to verify the reliability of its sources.

Recall that in 5 years Ukraine will no longer be – Litvin announced the scenario of the country’s collapse.



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