I will respond harshly to suspicion – Ex-head of State Rescue Bureau Trumpet is ready to confront the authorities



Former GDB chief Roman Truba in his social media said that the Ukrainian authorities intended to make him suspect. He sees this as an injustice and will not conscientiously await punishment.

Roman trumpet
Roman trumpet. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference on Telegram Roman Pipes.

“Soon, the country’s authorities will announce that I am suspected. The call is accepted. I will not hold the ceremony and will respond harshly to the injustice, ”he wrote.

It should be noted that as of November 19, 2019, an audio recording appeared on the network, on which the voices of the alleged Truba, Ruslan Ryaboshapki and Andrei Bogdan were recorded. Bogdan and Ryaboshapka ordered the Pipe to stop certain searches and, on the contrary, to take action against persons dangerous to the authorities. The case also continues in the form of a second audio recording, in which Pipe negotiates with investigator Koretsky regarding cases against Petro Poroshenko, and at the same time insists on closing the cases that hamper Kolomoisky’s oil ambitions.

Recall that, as noted earlier, Zelensky’s note is gaining momentum: a sociologist has commented on an unusual trend.

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