IAF units prepare for Donbass rotation: Ukrainian intelligence services set date



In the territory of the temporarily occupied Donbass, the commanders of the illegal armed groups have resumed preparations for the next rotation. According to Ukrainian intelligence, activists plan to shoot in the second half of May.

rotation of the russian army
Rotation of Russian soldiers in the Donbass. Stock Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

The Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine reports that, despite the coronavirus pandemic, Russian mercenaries plan to rotate between IAF units in mid-May.

But, according to reports, activists may previously turn to the forefront.

In addition, according to MOU GUR, representatives of illegal armed groups lack medical masks and other personal protective equipment, despite “humanitarian aid” from the Russian Federation. Activists are known to have stolen humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation. Personal protective equipment went to pharmacies, so activists wanted to earn money for humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation.

As you know, previously an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a blogger Anatoly Stefan reported that the militants of the “DPR” had ordered the prisoners to sew masks. In addition, the gunman Alexander Khodakovsky had previously reported on his social networks that during their free time at a distance, schoolchildren sewed masks to representatives of illegal armed groups.

We previously reported that Reznikov announced the timing of Ordlo’s reinstatement in Ukraine.



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