If he does not show the result, Zelensky made a statement regarding the dismissal of Attorney General Venediktova



More recently, Irina Venediktova has been appointed to the post of attorney general, but, according to President Zelensky, Venediktova can be dismissed if she does not show results in her post.

Zelensky and Venediktova
Vladimir Zelensky and Irina Venediktova. Stock Photo –

The head of state spoke about it in the film “The year of the Zelensky presidency”, according to the MFN.

The Head of State, Volodymyr Zelensky, does not exclude that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova can be dismissed. The guarantor of the Constitution called the condition under which a new attorney general can resign. According to the head of state, everything will depend on the results of the work of the new attorney general.

“There was an attorney general (Ruslan Ryaboshapka- ed.), it showed the result, but the result is weak. Alas, but it is, we have to admit. Dismissed this attorney general, took another. We will watch, wait for the result. If it does not show the result, there will be a third attorney general, “said the head of state.

We previously reported that Sonya Koshkina had commented on the likely appointment of Saakashvili to the cabinet post.

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