If Ukraine is ready to accept this, Prilepin issued an ultimatum to the Donbass in Kiev



Russian writer and terrorist Zakhar Prilepin has said that the occupied Donbas are only ready to meet with Ukraine under what is known as the “L / DPR”. According to the writer, who fought alongside the NPF “DPR”, this Ukraine should “join” the Donbass.

Zahar Prilepin
Zakhar Prilepin. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Politeka.

In an ultimatum, the Russian terrorist writer said that the “reunification” of Donbass and Ukraine is possible only under the terms of militants of the so-called “L / DPR”. According to the propagandist, this Ukraine should “join” the Donbass. The activist said there could be no alternative in this case.

“In Donbass, it’s called:“ We are ready to annex Ukraine to Donbass. “Under these conditions, reunion is possible,” said Prilepin.

In addition, the terrorist writer added that Kiev should reconsider its ideology and attitude towards the Russian language in the occupied territories. According to the shooter, it is only after that that we can speak of “reunion”.

“If Ukraine is ready to approve this, then it is ready to meet,” said Prilepin.

Earlier, we reported that the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR” had welcomed the decision taken by Kiev.



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