If you want, you won’t run anywhere – the blogger has reported a new problem for minors in the “DPR”



A blogger who writes under the nickname of Aboriginal Donetsk reports that the miners of the so-called DPR have not been paid since January 2020. According to him, most of them want to leave their work, but because of their quarantine and high alert in the “republic”, minors cannot find other employment. Therefore, they must somehow survive in this vicious circle.

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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel of blogger “Aboriginal Donetsk”, reports MFN.

Donetsk Aboriginal blogger reports that debts to minors are increasing in DPR. In some mines, workers have not received wages since January. According to the blogger, salaries are only paid to them at the mine. Skochinsky and Miner 95. But the miners do. Zasyadko, for lack of wages, refused to come to work.

“At the mine for them. Zasyadko, the miners refused to go to work for lack of payment. And it is, remember, one of the richest mines in Donbas,” wrote the blogger.

According to the blogger, in some companies, miners continue to work for free. According to him, due to high availability and quarantine, they cannot find another job.

“Miners work for free, there are no options for finding alternative income, both in the Republic and beyond. Even if you wish, you will not flee this “progressive economic strategy” of a developed MMM state, “writes the blogger.

Earlier, we reported that an ORDLO information resource reported under what conditions they could open a contact line after quarantine.

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