If Zelensky refuses direct negotiations with the Ordlo, there will be a war again: Portnikov



If authoritarian regimes cannot provide bread for their people, they begin to think about where to get the show.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

A play is played in the Donbass.
Putin plays a show and wants to impose his plan on Zelensky. Photo:

According to political scientist Vitaly Portnikov, parades, fireworks and even a successful little hybrid war against the enemies of the “Russian world” can be such a spectacle.

Portnikov believes that Putin himself is hardly necessary at the moment. He needs a war-flavored play, which is currently being played for Russian citizens and for the leadership of Ukraine.

Putin believes that Zelensky should abandon any initiative to resolve the situation in Donbas and restore peace to the occupied territories and approve his plan, according to which Kiev should negotiate directly with representatives of the Ordlo.

And if Zelensky refuses this format of negotiations, it will be possible to start a war again.

Earlier, it was reported how Ukraine could overturn Crimea and Donbas.



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