IFA tests on COVID-19 will begin in the Odessa and Sumy region – Lyashko



IFA tests on COVID-19 will begin in the Odessa and Sumy region - Lyashko

In the Odessa and Sumy regions, ELISA tests will begin, which will detect the presence of antibodies against the coronavirus.

This was announced in the Freedom of Expression on ICTV program by the Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“We are launching a test which will allow us to retrospectively see the presence of antibodies and to see epidemiologically if such cases have been missed (COVID-19 diseases – Editor’s note). The first cases of this type will be investigated in the Odessa and Sumy regions. The IFA tests have already reached us. We start the tests and we will see the real picture. No one is going to hide the real picture of the incidence. Our task is for those in need of medical care to receive it, ”said Lyashko.

He noted that the polymerase chain reaction tests will also be expanded. However, Ukraine will not be able to reach a level like, for example, in the United States.

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“We said we can increase the number of tests up to 30,000 a week, now we’re testing 5 to 6,000 a day, we’ve already reached the standard we talked about. In addition, our standard is to go to 80,000. If we are talking about whether our economy allows us to test like in the United States, that is not the case. Does this allow you to buy as much material and put it today in suitable rooms? Does not allow. At the same time, we have done our best, the amplifiers for the polymerase chain reaction continue to circulate in Ukraine, mounted. And the virologists who still exist and work (for whom they are very grateful) spend almost 24 hours a day in laboratories today, “said Lyashko.

The chief medical officer added that samples taken from the dead, who had been diagnosed with pneumonia or other lung diseases, were also being examined for coronavirus. This is done to identify as many COVID-19 cases as possible.

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Therefore, according to Lyashko, the main task remains to provide medical care to all those who need it, so as not to put doctors before the choice of the patient to be treated – 40 years or 60 years. In addition, only 10% of the beds in intensive care units of hospitals where they are treated with COVID-19 are now filled.

As Ukrinform reported, as of April 27, in Ukraine, 9,009 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed. As a result of complications from the disease, 220 people died. At the same time, 864 patients have already recovered.

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