IKEA announces first store opening date in Ukraine


The company also plans to open two more points for issuing orders.

IKEA announces official store opening time in Ukraine

Swedish company IKEA, the world’s largest retail company of furniture and household goods, intends to open two additional pick-up points in Kiev to reduce delivery times, as well as the first physical store by the end of 2020.

It has also been reported that the brand is doubling the capacity of its online store in Ukraine to meet demand.

“The company has more than doubled its capacity to process orders made through the IKEA online store in Ukraine and can now meet demand in Kiev and other regions. Given the high interest in IKEA products, the company The plan is to continue investing in order processing capacity. ‘ Interfax With reference to the company’s press release.

The first IKEA store in an urban format will appear at Blockbuster Mall. According to media reports, the company has already signed a lease with the mall.

As a reminder, in May of this year, IKEA faced the first problems in the Ukrainian market, due to which it limited the acceptance of new orders on the website.

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Earlier, we wrote that the media accused IKEA suppliers of using illegally cut timber in Ukraine.

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