Iliad gets permission to become a fixed network operator


Two years after its debut in the mobile phone market, The Iliad receives permission from the Ministry of Economic Development to start working in the near future as well as a fixed-line operatorThus, thanks to this permission, Iliad is ready to debut in the market of fiber-optic offers, most likely, offering very convenient solutions, as has already happened in the mobile telephony sector.

The debut of the Iliad in the fixed telephony market is not inevitable, but is practically confirmed. Iliad Italia CEO Benedetto Levy confirmed his desire to become a “converged” operator by 2024. In addition, in recent months there have been several rumors related to an agreement between a mobile operator and Open fiber to access the FTTH network.

However, at the moment it is too early to record the actual debut of the Iliad in the fixed telephony sector. This debut, in fact, should take place over the next few years. In any case, the provider lays the foundation for entering the sector where a new “revolution” can begin, as happened two years ago with the mobile phone sector.

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