Illegal armed group had a problem at CPLV in Elenovka: MP Magomedov spoke about the situation on the demarcation line



Musa Magomedov, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, spoke about the situation at the militants-controlled Elenovka checkpoint. The deputy writes that today, June 24, a huge queue was lined up next to the CPVV, and yesterday the activists ran out of papers that they forced to sign all those who leave for the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Controlled by activists “DNR” CPVV “Elenovka”. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Telegram chain MP Musa Magomedov.

According to the people’s representative, yesterday 23 June, the representatives of the illegal armed groups at the CPLV in Elenovka ran out of paper, which should be signed by all those who go to territory controlled by Ukraine.

“DPR” stood out yesterday. They are running out of paper, which must be signed by those who go to Ukraine, ”wrote the people’s deputy.

Today, June 24, according to the politician, the situation at the CPLV in Elenovka has not changed much. Magomedov writes that a huge queue has lined up near the checkpoint. In addition, there are people who have been waiting for several days for illegal armed groups to let them pass.

“All of these words were empty of meaning that we let everyone out,” noted Magomedov.

The deputy also recalled that the militants of the “DPR” declared on several occasions that any person authorized to enter the territory of the “republic” would have 14 days of self-isolation, not at home, but at home. hospital.

The people’s deputy writes that there are many who wish to enter the territory controlled by the militants. But those who come from the Russian Federation are not required to be in the hospital.

“Question: how many seats do they have? And why then do those who come to the “quasi-republic” of the Russian Federation sit at home? “, Writes the people’s deputy.

Earlier, we reported that “DPR mediator” Morozova had indicated to whom illegal armed groups would be allowed to enter the territory of the “republic”.



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