Illegal surveillance of Petro Poroshenko



The partner of the fifth president of Ukraine, people’s deputy Arthur Gerasimov, said that unknown cars had been seen near Poroshenko’s house.

Petro poroshenko
Petro Poroshenko. Stock Photo –

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Straight ahead“.

According to Gerasimov, two unknown cars were standing yesterday near Petro Poroshenko’s house:

“These are Toyota and Volkswagen cars. There was also a Volkswagen minibus … Unidentified people stayed there and refused to say who they were and where they came from. “

He added that the license plates had been checked, but it turned out that such figures did not exist:

“There are no such license plates in the database. This suggests only one thought – these are numbers for the cover. Illegal surveillance of Petro Poroshenko. “

We will recall, earlier we wrote that they wanted to arrest Petro Poroshenko.



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