I’m looking for a new job – Girkin has reported fatal career failures



Former occupant Igor Girkin (Strelkov) said he had been fired from his workplace. He explains that this is due to his political activity, which is why the company cannot risk its own reputation.

Igor Girkin
Igor Girkin. Photo – RBC.RU

This information was reported by Girkin himself on his Vkontakte page, reports “MFN”.

“I’m looking for a new job. Anyway, I’m starting to look for it. On this one (with all due respect), they said that to me they couldn’t risk their own business and their employees (we let’s talk about hundreds of employees.) They said that, alas, they couldn’t do that anymore, “he wrote.

At the same time, it’s unclear exactly where Girkin worked. On its page is written only one workplace – the FSB of the Russian Federation. The former separatist said nothing at all about the others. Therefore, the question of the company in which Girkin worked is still open.

It should be noted that recently, the ex-thriller “L / DNR” also closed comments on its page, thus limiting the ability of people to express their opinions.

Recall that Nevzorov said who the Russian was: a journalist ridiculed the entire Russian Federation.



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