IMF presented a plan to save the global economy


All governments should consider overcoming the economic challenges of the epidemic.

The IMF introduced a plan to save the global economy: each country should have three priorities. Photo: The Daily Recording

IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva talked about the Global Policy Agenda to overcome the current global economic crisis due to the coronovirus epidemic.

Georgiva stressed that the world community should raise more than $ 8 trillion for various emergency measures.

The director said, “Special work is required for a particular time, and that is what is presented in our Economic Program’s Global Program.” According to him, the IMF identifies three priorities in overcoming the crisis:

  1. Health System Financing. Without a healthy population, it is impossible to have a healthy economy. Therefore, without unnecessary export restrictions, it is important to ensure supply of medicines for all, including poor countries.
  2. Support for critical domestic and business support systems. Important domestic and commercial support systems need to continue during these months.
  3. Planned for post-crisis economic recovery. We need to work with health professionals to make plans when it is best to reopen everything, but we also need to be prepared to conduct fiscal stimulus when the time comes and the economy can improve.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov told Ukrainians that payments to unemployed citizens during quarantine would amount to 1800 to 8,400 UAH.

The “minimum,” bare “amount is 650 UAH / month for now. But in fact, taking into account insurance experience and other factors, the actual minimum payment would be around 1800 UAH / month. Maximum 8408 UAH / month. To your benefit. How much will the amount be in the range of 1800 – 8400 hryvnias? According to your data, Employment Center employees will call you, ”Avakov wrote.

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