Immuni application is now active throughout Italy


Two weeks after its actual release,Immune applicationi, a counting tracking system designed to prevent new outbreaks of Coronavirus (using the tracking APIs developed by Google and Apple for their respective operating systems), active throughout Italy.

The application has already been active for a week in some regions (Marche, Abruzzo, Liguria and Apulia) and managed to identify contacts registered by some citizens, and then the positive test results in Liguria. Here are the latest Premier Conte statements regarding the use of the Immuni application: “You can download it with security, peace of mind and tranquility, because it protects privacy, has a very strict discipline, does not invade private spaces.”

Immuni has already been downloaded, according to the latest official figures, with more than 2 million citizens. There are currently no more updates regarding the effective use of the application. Recall that Immuni is available for download through the Play Store for everyone. Android smartphone with Google services (the application also enters the Huawei application gallery) and onApple App Store. The app requires a Bluetooth connection to work, not GPS location data.

Here are the links to download Immuni to your smartphone:


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