improved autofocus, but without Space Zoom 100x


Technical sector details continue to grow new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+Today’s news relates in particular to the new technical passport Notes 20+ and its photographic sector. As it became known in recent days, the next top of the assortment of Korean homes will be able to count on Main megapixel sensor 108 This sensor must be installed on the S20 Ultra.

According to the latest rumors, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ can count on special sensor to improve autofocus, fixing the problems registered by the current top of the Korean home assortment on this aspect, but will not introduce Space Zoom 100x which on the S20 Ultra allows you to get an increase of up to 100x.

In fact, Samsung may have chosen a completely different path compared to what was done with the S20 Ultra, for Note 20+, which in any case will strive to become camera-telephone sector reference, More information about the new Note 20 will certainly arrive in the coming days.

Recall that the new top of the Korean home assortment will be presented during the next month of August, and then goes on sale in September. Follow us to find out more.


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