In Britain, Coronavirus created a fierce “rebellion” against 5G


Some people’s minds have been captured by a conspiracy theory about the connection between the 5G and the Kovid-19 outbreak.

In Britain, there was a fierce “rebellion” against 5G: how it affects crowds and where coronaviruses occur.

In Britain, some fans of conspiracy theories have decided that 5G towers spread coronovirus. Now they are being burnt all over the country.

More than 20 towers from the island’s various mobile operators have already been affected – cases have been confirmed in Birmingham and Liverpool, with social networks Manchester, Watford and Rumford also writing. Not all towers belonged to 5G networks – some provided 3G and 4G communications.

The fact is that in English-language social networks, the theory of the impact of the 5G network on immunity has become popular, with people prone to Kovid-19 disease. Proponents of crazy ideas claimed that Wuhan was the epicenter of the outbreak due to the recently launched 5G network. And from there, the virus “went” to other cities, which also use 5G. The gullible people collected instant information, which was also distributed in work and personal chats.

The representatives of the social network will soon decide the strategy of fake combing with the government. However, they understand that they cannot do anything with a personal chat, where video and information deviate.

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Remember that soon smartphones will include a touch glass with an attached battery, as a result of which they will quickly become obsolete. Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said that users would no longer be constrained by the processing power of their phones.

In addition, Amon claims to be controlled by high-speed computers in the cloud, connected to users’ devices via a seamless 5G network.

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