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After the spread of the coronavirus in the country has improved and the quarantine measures have been slightly relaxed, the markets where you can buy bats have been restored.

The bat
The bat. Photo –

The first infected coronavirus is believed to have appeared in the world after eating a bat. This is not surprising, since these adults carry many viruses dangerous to humans.

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Today“.

As you know, in China for several weeks, the spread of the coronavirus has been minimized. But, apparently, the global tragedy has taught them nothing, because after having weakened their quarantine, the markets have started to function again here, where you can easily buy a bat and not only.

As the Daily Mail correspondent noted, in one of these markets, everything looks the same as before the pandemic: there are plenty of buyers who are offered the same animals in rusty cages.

“This terrible atmosphere has survived, with pools of blood on the ground, which mix inside the carcasses of cut animals. Those who have come here are sure that the epidemic in China is over and they have nothing to fear. The fight against the coronavirus has become foreign to them. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that the United States had announced the fake data from China on the coronavirus.

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