In “DNR” threatens Zelensky of a new uprising: the official statement of “deputy” Shishkina



In the occupied Donbas territory, a provocative statement was made that there would be an uprising in Ukraine if the president did nothing. And the reason for this, according to the terrorists, will be popular indignation.

Vladimir Zelensky
Vladimir Zelensky. Photo –

This information was reported by the blogger. Necro Mancer on his Twitterreferring to the words of the so-called “deputy of the DPR” Elena Shishkina, reports “MFN”.

“Oh yes! The time has finally come! I was really looking forward to this moment. I hope there will be a live broadcast of these meetings?

It is not clear what prompted the separatist to utter such words. On the Internet, they say it was a regular jam. However, on the other hand, the separatist media reported that Shishkin was following Zelensky’s policy and therefore simply warned him.

In social networks, this statement was simply ridiculed. Users have started to say that such statements were nothing more than a pro-Russian provocation.

Recall, Putin pointed out the main mistake of his policy: social networks have made a lot of stories about the President’s words.



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