In Japan, bans the use of smartphones while walking on the streets



In Japan, a fairly unusual ban has emerged, although it will only work in one Japanese city – Yamato. In this city, authorities have prohibited the use of a smartphone while walking the streets.

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In Japan, bans the use of smartphones while walking Photos –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Kyodo News.

It should be noted that this prohibition is purely advisory in nature. Therefore, if a person violates this prohibition, no penalty is provided.

Authorities in the city of Yamato recommend residents not to use a smartphone when moving around the streets. But, if suddenly a person needs to use his gadget, then for that he must withdraw where he will not interfere with the crowd of passers-by.

Authorities in the Japanese city of Yamato have decided to introduce such a ban on the safety of city residents. After all, as Japanese scientists have discovered, when someone on the street is distracted by a smartphone, their viewing angle is reduced. In addition, the person is not sufficiently focused on the movement. Thus, a pedestrian risks falling under the wheels of a car.

Note that the ban takes effect on July 1, 2020.

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