In June, a dangerous period awaits us, associated with the corridor of eclipses: astrologers tell how life can change during this period



The eclipse corridor is a fairly dangerous period, filled with negative energy from the eclipses themselves.

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An eclipse corridor is planned for June.
Astrologers warn of the danger associated with the eclipse corridor in June. Photo:

Typically, these corridors include two or more eclipses, interconnected and located within a short time of each other.

In 2020, such a corridor will be observed from June 5 to 21. Awaits us two eclipses: June 5 is the incomplete lunar in Sagittarius and June 21 is the annular solar in Cancer. Both will be unpredictable and dangerous. And it will become one of the most unfavorable periods in 2020.

What’s going on in the eclipse corridor

During this period, all our actions can have specific consequences, including negative ones. The influence of the moon will create negative motives for the manifestation of eruptive acts and, therefore, big problems.

Love and relationships in June

We have to prepare for the fact that we will have to accept people as they are or let them go. Because astrologers do not recommend during this period to sort things out. Quarrels and conflicts will have extremely unpleasant consequences and it will become very difficult to find compromises. During this period, people should be forgiven because it would be difficult to overcome negative emotions.

Housework and housework in June

During the period of June 5 to 21, you must throw old and useless objects out of the house. At this point, you should not be surrounded by something that bothers you, including old things that only attract negative energy. In the corridor of eclipses, astrologers recommend cleaning the house, creating a good atmosphere and maintaining it throughout the month of June.

Work and finance from June 5 to 21

The eclipse corridor is particularly dangerous for financially active people. Any expensive purchase is better to transfer it later. Because there is a high probability that during this period you can make a mistake, which you will regret later. During this period, legal problems may also arise. Astrologers advise against trying to solve them, unless there is a special need. Particular care must be taken not to inadvertently break the law, to not exceed speed limits on the roads and to avoid other traffic violations.

Mood and health in the eclipse corridor

This period will be characterized by changing moods and possible health problems. In particular, the eclipse corridor has a detrimental effect on people with chronic illnesses, as well as those dependent on weather conditions. Astrologers these days advise you not to overload and constantly monitor your well-being.

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