In Kiev and in 9 regions, the weakening of the quarantine is impossible – Ministry of Health



In Kiev and in 9 regions, the weakening of quarantine is impossible - Ministry of Health

In Kiev and in 9 regions, the weakening of quarantine is impossible – Ministry of Health

06/21.2020 13:20


The incidence of coronaviruses has been exceeded in Kiev and in nine regions of Ukraine, so that a reduction in quarantine is not possible in these regions.

This is stated in the message from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In particular, according to the Ministry of Health, the regions of Kiev, Vinnitsa, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Transcarpathian, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Ternopol and Chernivtsi are not ready to weaken the quarantine.

These data are presented in the corresponding table posted on the website of the Ministry of Health.

As indicated, the transition to the next stage of quarantine, which provides for the weakening of quarantine, is possible provided that the epidemiological situation in the region meets certain criteria which reflect the control of the transmission of the virus, the level of capacity of the treatment network, epidemiological facilities and the health system as a whole to combat the spread of acute respiratory diseases COVID-19[FEMALE[FEMININE

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Among these criteria – the incidence (the number of new cases of COVID-19 in the last 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants) should be less than 12 per 100,000 inhabitants, the workload of beds in health establishments, determined to hospitalize patients with a confirmed case of COVID-19, should be less than 50%, and test coverage should not be less than the incidence level – that is, the average number of tests (by PCR and ELISA) in the last 7 days must be greater than 12 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to fight the spread of coronavirus infection. In particular, the work of the metro in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro, the circulation of land transport in cities have been suspended.

The first relaxation of quarantine restrictions in Ukraine began on May 11.

As of May 22, Ukraine announced the next phase of weakening of quarantine. The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to introduce adaptive quarantine in Ukraine from May 22 to June 22.

On June 17, the government extended adaptive quarantine until July 31.

As of June 21, in Ukraine, 36,560 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed, 735 new cases per day. A total of 1,002 deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded. Recovered – 16,509.

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