In Kiev revealed a large-scale plan for the sale of children abroad



In Kiev revealed a large-scale plan for the sale of children abroad

In Kiev, they stopped the activities of a group of people who established the movement of infants abroad under the guise of a surrogacy program.

This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

<< Le bureau du procureur local de Kiev n ° 6, ainsi que les employés de la police nationale d'Ukraine, ont interrompu les activités d'un groupe de personnes qui, sous le couvert d'un programme de maternité de substitution en espèces, ont effectué le mouvement des nouveau-nés à l'étranger (partie 2 de l'article 149 du Code pénal ukrainien), >> in the message.

According to the investigation documents, the heads of one of the capital’s medical clinics providing reproductive health services were involved in the organization of the program, as well as a group of people who were looking for women in Ukraine to organize fictitious marriages with strangers and participate in surrogacy programs.

The total amount of cash compensation received by the parties to the transaction amounted to approximately 50 thousand US dollars, of which the payment for the organization of artificial insemination was 15 thousand US dollars, and the services of registration of a fictitious marriage with strangers was 1000 to 1500 US dollars.

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On 24 April 2020, as part of a special operation, 11 searches were carried out at the residential addresses of the accused, offices, the clinic and in cars, during which they seized: medical documents, passports of Ukrainian citizens and certified copies of passports of foreign citizens, letters of proxy to represent interests, other documents, cash, laptops, mobile phones, draft files and flash drives.

During the investigations, the addresses of the apartments where the newborns were kept until the decision to move across the border were also found.

In a hostel-type apartment in the Solomensky district of the capital, the police found 5 newborns aged 2 to 6 weeks, under the supervision of two women and a man. After the juvenile delinquency prevention workers performed the relevant acts, the babies were taken to children’s hospitals in the city of Kiev.

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Currently, the systematization and analysis of the documentation seized continues. Measures are being taken to control the participation of around 140 foreign nationals in the movement of newborns abroad, in violation of applicable law.

Investigations are being carried out by investigators from the SB Pechersk UP GUNP in Kiev under the procedural direction of a group of prosecutors, including minors, from the Prosecutor’s office No. 6 of the city of Kiev, with the participation of employees of the service of fight against crimes related to trafficking in persons, the state tax administration in Kiev and the administration. Criminal Investigation Department of the State Tax Administration in Kiev.

Photo: Attorney General’s Office

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