In Parliament presented a bill on fines for sex discrimination in advertising



In Parliament presented a bill on fines for sex discrimination in advertising

In Parliament presented a bill on fines for sex discrimination in advertising

12.05.2020 20:51


The Verkhovna Rada has presented a bill amending the Advertising Law aimed at combating discrimination based on sex.

This was announced by the deputy chairman of the faction of the “Servant of the People” political party Yevgenia Kravchuk on his Facebook page.

“My colleagues at the IMF“ Equal Opportunities ”initiated a bill No. 3427 on amendments to the law“ on advertising ”concerning the fight against discrimination based on sex. It was signed by dozens of MPs from various factions and groups, ”said Kravchuk.

In particular, the bill proposes to give clear definitions of the terms “discriminatory advertising” and “discriminatory advertising based on sex” (they do not appear in the current version of the law), double fines for offenders and ‘also increase the level of protection of consumer rights for advertising.

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At the same time, it is assumed that the advertisement cannot contain statements or images that would indicate the intellectual, physical and social advantage of one sex over another, the stereotypical roles of men and women, to degrade the dignity of a person on the basis of sex, to demonstrate violence on the basis of sex, and also to contain the image of the human body only as a sexual object in order to attract the attention of consumers and clues sex that is not directly related to the advertised product or application process.

At the same time, it is assumed that a repeated violation of the law on advertising in the context of the distribution of discriminatory material during the year results in a fine of thirty times the cost of distributed advertising (the current version of the Advertising Law provides for a fine double the amount provided for these violations).

It is proposed to impose a fine in the amount of 200 minimum income tax-exempt to citizens (3,400 UAH) for failure to provide, unexpectedly or deliberately submit false information on the cost of distributed advertising and production advertising or the cost of distributing it to advertisers, advertising producers and advertising distributors. Today its size is 100 minimum non-taxable income of citizens, or 1,700 UAH. It is also planned to increase the minimum tax-exempt income of citizens to 600 (UAH 10,200) if it is impossible to determine the cost of advertising (currently there are 300 minimum tax-exempt income of citizens).

The bill was initiated by 45 deputies, chaired by the chairman of the subcommittee on Ukraine’s compliance with international human rights obligations and gender policies of the Verkhovna Rada Commission on foreign policy and interparliamentary cooperation, Marina Bardina (People’s Servants faction).

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